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ColorBar & Salon is Miami's premier salon for stylish men and women looking for a place where they can feel comfortable, speak their minds, and leave satisfied.


For centuries, people have tried to understand passion. Is it intrinsic? Learned? Inherited?

At the age of ten, I could’ve solved this mystery for them: it is a little bit of everything. Growing up as the daughter of a hairstylist poses unique advantages for a girl. I never had a bad hair day, to say the very least, and that is true still.

Most importantly, I learned to always go after what your heart desires. At that mere age, hair and beauty were two things I could not separate myself from. Both learned and intrinsically present in me or perhaps even inherited from my father, my greatest mentor, I knew early on where the road I walked on would lead me.

Growing up in a family-owned salon, I always imagined being my father’s right hand-man (hmm, I mean.. girl) in and out of the salon. There was no doubt I wanted to fill the shoes he wore that cased tired, but happy feet, and be a stylist like him. Being a part of a family business, you were usually asked to participate in helping with or without a choice. As for me, it was always a privilege to finish school and stop at the salon afterwards, where I felt most natural. During those times, I bonded with many of my father’s clients and learned the greatest techniques from the most gentle teacher a girl can have, her father. Most of all, I was sprouting into the woman who would walk a mile in her father’s shoes and experienced running a business at such a young age.

Those very clients become my first supporters and eventually my regulars, who spared my siblings from being my breathing, willing (maybe not always) practice mannequins! And here I am today, somewhere between my journey’s entrance and exit. I am where I am supposed to be. And my story does not end here.

Liliane Chamoun

Mrs. Chamoun is the owner and founder of ColorBar & Salon


We take pride in each service we provide. Every effort is made to give you the best experience whatever your haircut or shaving style is. Feel free to browse our services list to learn more about the services we offer our clients and guests.

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